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Scrap Car Collection And Removal For Cash Basingstoke Hampshire

Cash For Cars Basingstoke, Scrap Your Car For Cash Basingstoke

Mot Failures Bought For Cash Basingstoke Hampshire.

We Buy Cars For Cash In Basingstoke.

Cash Quote For Your Car Basingstoke. Call: 07936 586864



Scrap Your Car In Basingstoke Hampshire.

Scrap Car Collection And Recycling Basingstoke

At Scrap Car Surrey we collect scrap cars and vans throughout the Basingstoke area. We collect and dispose of your scrap vehicle totally free without any hidden costs and pay cash for your car, the price we offer you is a price against the scrap weight of your car. We will collect your scrap vehicle for free and recycle it legally and professionally and issue you with a DVLA certificate of distruction if required. We also buy non scrap cars and mot failures.

We collect :

Scrap Vehicle Collection - MOT Failures Recycled - End Of Life Vehicles - Write offs - Tax Expired Vehicles - Accident Damaged Vehicles - Unwanted Vehicles - Abandon Vehicle Removal, Property Managment, Local Authority, Abandon Vehicle Removal. All non scrap vehicles and mot failures bought for cash.


All your questions answered as we talk you through the paperwork. Scrapping your car for cash is very easy, you simply need your V5c registration document, we wiil fill in section 9 (yellow section) with our details and you post this part to DVLA Swansea. Once your car has been taken to the (ATF) Authorised Teatment Facility this is when a DVLA Certificate of distruction (COD) can be issued if required. Scrap vehicles must be by law disposed of through (ATF).

Finding a covinient time that suits you for collection is our aim, daytime or weekends, whatever is is the right time for you we will do our upmost to accomodate you. Just give us a call on 07936 586864 to discuss your requirements.

Give us a call about your scrap car or van or fill in the online form with your details (and please tell us the model of the car that you want to scrap), once submitted we will contact you by phone and disscuss your requirements and arrange for your vehicle to be removed for recycling at a convinient time that suits you. We aim to reply to your online application the same day.


If you require a prompt scrap car collection in Basingstoke, please call us on the following:

Telephone: 07936 586864 / 07936 586865

(Monday to Sunday 8am - 7pm)


Our Services cover the county of Hampshire. Our aim is to help keep our environment clutter and pollution free. Contact us for the free collection and disposal of your unwanted or scrap vehicle.


About Basingstoke:


Basingstoke is the largest town in the modern county of Hampshire( Southampton and Portsmouth being cities). It is situated in south central England, and lies across a valley at the source of the River Loddon.

Basingstoke is a large town in northeast Hampshire, in south central England. It is located 30 miles northeast of Southampton, 16 miles southeast of Reading, 48 miles southwest of London, and 19 miles northeast of the county town, Winchester. In 2008 it had an estimated population of 82,913, making it the largest town in Hampshire. It is part of the borough of Basingstoke and Deane and part of the parliamentary constituency of Basingstoke. Basingstoke is often nicknamed "Doughnut City" or "Roundabout City" because of the number of large roundabouts.

Basingstoke's expansion has absorbed much surrounding farmland and scattered housing, transforming it into housing estates or local districts. Many of these new estates are designed as almost self-contained communities, such as Lychpit, Chineham, Popley, Winklebury, Oakridge, Kempshott, Brighton Hill, Viables, South Ham, Black Dam, Buckskin and Hatch Warren. The M3 acts as a buffer zone to the south of the town, and the South Western Main Line constrains the western expansion, with a green belt to the north and north-east, making Basingstoke shaped almost like a kite. As a result, the villages of Cliddesden, Dummer, Sherborne St John and Oakley, although being very close to the town limits, are considered distinct entities. Popley, Hatch Warren and Beggarwood are seeing rapid growth in housing.

Basingstoke was fortunate during the Second World War to suffer very little bomb damage. A stick of German bombs did fall in the Church Square area on 16 August 1940. The same day bombs destroyed part of a row of houses in Burgess Road. Six people were killed in the raid. After the war, the town had a population of 25,000.

As part of the London Overspill plan, along with places such as Ashford and Swindon, Basingstoke was rapidly developed in the late 1960s as an 'expanded town', in similar fashion to Milton Keynes. As the population increased, the town produced more figures of national importance, such as the art critic Waldemar Januszczak and the actress Elizabeth Hurley. Many office blocks and large estates were built, including a ring road. The shopping centre was built in phases. The first phase was completed by the 1970s and was later covered in the 1980s, and was known as The Walks. The second phase was completed by the early 1980s, and became The Malls. The third phase was abandoned and the site was later used to build the Anvil concert hall. The central part of the shopping centre was rebuilt in 2002 and reopened as Festival Place. This has brought a dramatic improvement to shoppers' opinions of the town centre, but it is unclear if it has softened the town's overall image.

Later that year, the Basingstoke Gazette launched its "Basingstoke A Place to be Proud of" campaign, aimed at changing people's perception of the town. The campaign is ongoing (as of September 2014) and marked by the presentation of annual awards to individuals, organisations or businesses nominated by the public for commendable local achievement. As a mark of the improving image of the town as place to live, the borough entered the top 50 best places to live in the 2011 Halifax survey at number 47.

Basingstoke is at Junction 6 and Junction 7 of the M3 motorway, which skirts the town's southeastern edge, linking the town to London and to Southampton and the south-west. The central area of the town is encircled by a ring road constructed in the 1960s named The Ringway, and is bisected east to west by the A3010 (Churchill Way). The A33 runs north east to Reading and the M4 Motorway, and south west to Winchester. The A30 runs east to Hook and west to Salisbury. The A303 begins a few miles south west of Basingstoke to head west towards Wiltshire and the West Country, sharing the first few miles with the A30. The A339 runs south east to Alton and north west to Newbury. Basingstoke has a reputation for having a large density of roundabouts, and with some larger roundabouts dealing with traffic from six directions, this only adds to the illusion, as does the fact some multilevel junctions on the Ringway were never built or completed.



We also buy your non scrap car or van or Mot failures for cash (click here for more info




All prices are quoted against current metal prices, please bear in mind world metal prices change daily and can go down as well as up. The price we quote over the phone is the price we will pay.


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Scrap Car Surrey: Free collection and disposal of scrap cars and unwanted vehicles throughout Basingstoke.

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